323 objects

Clayton, 1995

Goldifox, 1996

Desperate Measures, 1982

"200 Variations/This is Heaven"
Paul Luker, 1985

Howard Morrison Quartet, 1962

Zodiac, 1962

"4 Top tunes for 5/-"
Cannon, Unknown

Dome, 1995

"8 Duck Treasure"
Debra Bustin, 1984

"A Bop in the Ocean"
Tim Bollinger, 1987

HDU, 1997

"A Drop in the Ocean"
Kim Sandeman, 1984

"A Handful of Dust"
Xpressway, 1992

"All Blacks Tour 1967 "
Philips Records, 1967

"All I Can Do"
Dance Exponents, 1983

"Alms not Arms"
Arms for Children, 1981

Feast of Stevens, 1993

"Anyone Else Would, The Otherís Way"
The Double Happys, 1984

"A Rainbow in the Sky"
Kiri te Kanawa, 1967

"Art and Duty"
Beat Rhythm Fashion, 1981

"A Scar is Born"
The Axemen, Unknown

"A Timeless Peace"
The Rip, 1984

"A Touch of Evil"
Flying Nun, 1993

"A Walk of Snipe"
Jungle Suite, 1985

"Badge or Medallion"
Chris Heazlewood, 1995

"Beautiful Things"
David Mitchell, 1993

"Beelines to Heaven"

"Beer and Skittles"
Tim Bollinger , 1982

"Beginning of the Enz"
UK Chrysalis, 1981

"Beings Rest Finally"
Beat Rhythm Fashion, 1980

"Big Bad Don / Whatís on at the park? "
Mick Dawson, 1964

"Bird dog"
John Collie, 1987

"Block of Wood"
Alec Bathgate, 1987

Cameron Bain, 1998

"Bo Diddley"
JPSE, 1989

"Born to Bullshit/Supported By The State"
Des Hefner, 1999

"Bosch's Bottom"
The Family Mallet , 1986

The Bottletops, 1983

Car Crash Set, 1983

"Bride of Frankenstein"
Toy Love, 1980

"Broadcast O.R"
Mark Clare, 1981

"Buffalos, Relapse"
Able Tasmans, Unknown

"Butterflies Sighing Children Crying Birds Dying"
Sweetcakes, Unknown

"Canned Music"
Chris Knox, 1983

"Canít Keep You Out of my Heart"
Bunny Walters,

"Canít Take It"
Tony Drumm, 1981

Peter Jefferies - Robbie Muir, 1989

SF, 1998

"Cheryl Moana Marie"
John Rowles, 1970

"Chicken on a Wire"
Export Lamb, 1983

Alastair Galbraith, 1994

"Coin / Neat Boy"

"Come Back"
Garageland, 1997

"Come Home"
Martin Philipps and the Chills, 1996

"Coming True, Wasted Time"
Sneaky Feelings, 1986

"Cool Car"
Space Dust, 1994

"Corinna, Corinna, South of the Border"

Split Enz, 1981

"Coup Díetat "
Hal Chapman , 1980

"Creating Criminals"
Barry, Unknown

"Dance with the Guitar Man"
Peter Posa, 1962

"Dark Sensation"
Avalanche Records, 1991

"Dave McArtney & the Pink Flamingos"
Hal Chapman, 1980

"Dead Dog in Port Chalmers"
Xpressway, 1990

"Death and the Maiden"
The Verlaines, 1982

, 1977

Martin Phillips, 1984

"Donít Ask Me"
Toy Love, Unknown [possibly 1978]

"Do the Void/Deadly Tango"
The Terminals, 1990

"Dr I like your Medicine"
Snake Studios, 1980

The 3D's, 1996

"Expressly Yours"
The Howard Morrison Quartet, 1957

"Fake Purr"
Fake Purr, 1998

"Fatman with a Big Dork"

"Fever Hospital"
.8DEC Records, 1996

Lion Breweries, 1977

Garageland, 1996

"Five Tread Drop Down"
Stuart Porter, 1984

Fetus Productions, 1985

Chug, 1992

Omit, 1995

"For Free"
Alastair Galbraith,

"Four More Hits"
Craig Scott, 1972

"Four Popular Maori Songs"
La Gloria, Unknown

, 1979

"Future Jaw-Clap"
Unknown, 1986

"Future Shock"
John Halverson, 1980

"Gascrankinstation/Crash Hot"
Headless Chickens, 1989

Alastair Galbraith, 1991

"Getting Jumpy"
Bryan Staff, 1981

"Getting Older"
The Clean, 1983

"Give me a Reason"
The Spys, 1980

"Glad to Gladiate"
ďLucyĒ, 1985

"Great Unwashed Double 7" EP"
Vic Tutton, 1984

Chris Heazlewood, 1993

"Happy Home"
Drill, 1994

"Heavenly Pop Hit"
The Chills,

"Heavenly Pop Hit"
The Chills, 1990

Chris Heazlewood, 1993

"He Didnít Know"
The Kini Quartet, 1964

"He Played for the All Blacks"
Harvey Andrews, 1977

"Hey Seuss"
David Mitchell, 1994

"Highlights: All Black Tour of South Africa 1976"
Radio New Zealand, 1976

"Highlights of the 3 Tests and the Maori Game"
His Master's Voice, 1961

"Highlights of the 4 Tests"
Nevile Lodge, 1960

"Highlights of the 4 Tests and the New Zealand Universities Game"
Neville Lodge, Unknown

"Highlights of the 4 Tests versus The British Isles"
Neville Lodge, 1959

"History Never Repeats "
Split Enz, 1981

NZPOP, 1981

"Home Tonight"
CBS Records, 1980

"Hutu and Kawa meet Tuatara"
Avis Acres, 1956

"I Don't Wanna dance"
Split Enz, 1981

"I Donít Wanna Dance/ Hard Act to Follow"
Split Enz, 1981

"I Got Rhythm/ Raindrops"
, Unknown

"I Have Loved Me a Man"
EMI, 1969

"I Hear the Devil Calling Me"
Drag City, 1991

"I Love My leather Jacket"
The Chills, 1986

Crude, , 1995

John Niland, 1985

"Internationally Yours"
Roger Bradley , 1966

"Introducing the Ron Asheton Club"
Chris Heazlewood, 1995

"Intro Version"
Alastair Galbraith, 1999

"I See Red"
Split Enz, 1989

"Itís Been Too Long"
Bunny Walters,

"Jaffa Boy, Bus Stop"
Bird Nest Roys, 1987

Michael Brookfield, 1981

"Jumping At?"
Herco Pilots, 1981

"Jumping Out A Window"
Pop Mechanix, 1981

"King Acid, Christine"
Homebacon Music, 1993

"King Loser"
James Kirk, 1993

Kiri Te Kanawa, 1966

"Kiri Blue Skies"
Zoe Dominic, 1985

"Kiri Sings Opera"
Selwyn Rogers, 1967

"Knocked Out or Thereabouts/ Spark Off a Wire"
Carter-Jefferies, 1992

"Krazy Legs"
Debra Bustin, 1985

"Ladies Man"
The D4, 2000

"Lindsay Marks"
Lindsay Marks, 1973

Hal Chapman, 1981?

"Live at WFMU"
Robert Scott, 1994

"Live on the Peter Posa Show!"
Viking , 1965

"Love Overload"
Duncan Pipper, 1986

Bungalow, 1994

"Luxury Length"
John Reynolds, 1982

"Mancini 500"
Mancini 500, 1998

"Maori Action Songs-1"
Putuki Maori Club, 1953

"Maori Concert"
Waihiere Maori Club, 1954

"Maori Love Duets"
Kiri Te Kanawa and Hoheps Mutu., 1967

"Maori Moods"
Ken Eru & the Geysertones, 1962

"Maori Music"
Rotorua Maori Choir, 1963

"Maori Songs of Enchantment"
St Joseph's Maori Girl Choir, 1960's

"Maori songs with Strings"
Phyllis Williams (Kirimamae), 1956

"Marching Girls 1"
The Marching Girls, 1980

"Maria Dallas Comes to Town"
Maria Dallas, 1965

Blam Blam Blam, 1982

"Mary had a Steamboat"
Alf Danielson, 1992

"Melodies of Maoriland"

"Melodies of Maoriland"
New Zealand Publicity Studios , 1960

"Mental Notes"
Phil Judd, 1976

"Mental Notes"
Split Enz, 1975

Micheal Morley, 1991

The Bongos, 1982

"More Peter Posa Hits"
Peter Posa, Unknown

"Mountain Music "
The Ruahine Ramblers, Unknown

"Mountain Music Vol.2"
Rauhine Ramblers, 1956

"Mountain Music Vol.3"
The Ruahine Ramblers, Unknown

"Mozart: Opera Arias"
Kiri te Kanawa, 1983

"Music to warm up your batons with"
, 1981

"My Mistake"
Split Enz, 1977

"New Man"
Bailter Space, 1992

"No accident"
Car Crash Set, 1983

"No More"
Hallelujah Picassos, 1991

Pop Mechanix, 1980

"N.Z versus Wales"
Ode, 1969

Smelly Feet, 1981

"On Camera!"
The Fabulous Howard Morrison Quartet, Unknown

"One Good Reason, All Over Town"
Bryan Staff, 1980

"Only Thinking"
CBS Productions, 1983

Alastair Galbraith, 1999

"Outer Space "
David Mitchell, 1992

"Pania of the Reef"
Eric Heath, 1956

"Part Past Part Fiction"
The Chills, 1994

Features, 1980

Cloudboy, 1996

"Peter Posa and his Golden Guitar Plays Westerns"
Peter Posa, Unknown

"Pink Drums"
Pink Air, 1997

"Pink Frost / Purple Girl"
Terry Moore, 1984

"*Pop Gems for W.E.e STONEs*"
Trinder Music, 1994

"Portrait of a City"
Freud Squad, 1992

"Prince of Thieves"
Garbage and the Flowers, 1997

Micheal Morley,

"Puha and Pakeha"
Rod Derrett, 1965

The Stridulators, 1984

"Randolf's Going Home"
Shayne Carter and Peter Jefferies,

"Rebel Squeeze"
Terence Hogan, 1979

Robyn Mcintyre, 1987

"Relate Mate"
First Fifteen, 1984

Revengers, 1999

"Rolling Moon "
Terry Moore, 1982

"Rugby Highlights: 1970 All Blacks in South Africa"
Master Records, 1970

"Rugby Racing and Beer"
, 1965

"Rugby, Racing & Beer"
Evan Purdie, 1966-67

"Salad Daze GIB ep"
, 1991

"Same Old Stuff, One Cow No Beans"
Malgin Blank,

"Sceptic Hagfish"
Olla, 1991

"Schwimmen in der See"
Bill Direen, 1981

Sean O'Reilly, 1994

"Scottish and Irish Medley"
Peter Posa, 1963

"Scratch Sun"
Dadamah, 1991

"Second Thoughts"
John Prew, 1976

Screaming Meemees, 1981

"Shattered Glass (you broke my heart)"
Russ Le Roq, 1983

"She is a Mod"
Ray Columbus and the Invaders, 1967

Bailter Space, 1994

Plunket Boys, 1983

Sinna, Unknown

"Six Months in a Leaky Boat"
Split Enz, 1982

"Slot Jockey"
Debris, 1999

"Smoking Her Wings"
Robert Scott, 1990

"So Flexible So Firm So Strong"
Thee Strapons, 1998

"Solomans Ball"
Bill Direen, 1982

"Solomons Ball"
Solomon's Ball, 1982

"Something's Burning"
Four Volts, 1986

"Songs of New Zealand/ Songs of the Railway"
Viking Records, 1975

Spacious, 1995

"Spinal Gate Therapies"
Drugs vs Grandchildren, 1996

Bailter Space, 1994

"Springbok Tour... 1965"
HMV - EMI, 1965

"Stairway to Heaven"
Chris Heazlewood, 1994

"Starve the Lizards"
Guy Tarrant, 1984

"Stay in Bed and Four Letter Girl"
The Shamen, Unknown

"Stealth: The Factory"
The Dead C, 2000

"Strait Old Line"
Split Enz, 1983

"Strauss: Four Last Songs"
Kiri te Kanawa, 1979

"String Along With Peter Posa "
Peter Posa, Unknown

"Studio One"
Pictorial Parade, Unknown

KD3, 1982

"Sunday Boys"
Screaming Mee Mees, 1982

Martin Phillips and the Chills, 1986

Sweetcakes, 1996/1997

"Swingin' With Toni "
Toni Williams, Unknown

"Taking the Weight Off"
Penknife Glides, 1981

"tally ho!"
David Kilgour, 1981

Eric Heath, 1965

"Tea at Te Kuiti"
Ash Burton and the Nightcaps, 1964

"That Girl"
The Techtones, 1980

"The Backbone"
Jane Donaldson, 1986

"The Back of Her Hand"
David Mitchell, 1992

"The Bag (Funky Barp)"
Zoot Clouseau, 1984

"The Beauty of Dogs"
Queen Meanie Puss, 1991

"The Beginning of the Enz"
Split Enz, 1979

"The Best of Dave McArtney & the Pink Flamingos"
Hal Chapman, 1996

"The Best Of Kiri"
Kiri te Kanawa, Unknown

"The Black and Blue"
The Bats, 1991

"The Black Sheep"
Stuart Porter, 1984

"The Capsul, Argonaut"
Bailter Space, Unknown

"The Darkling"
Queen Meanie Puss, 1992

"The Dead C vs. Sebadoh"
The Dead C, 1993

"The Deuces on Show"
The Deuces, 1958

"The Embassy 6"
The Embassy 6, 1960

"The Flower/ Man With No Desire"
They Were Expendable, 1985

"The Four Cities"
Willow Mackay,

"The Hop"

"The Invision State"
Omit, 1994

"The Jean Paul Sartre Experience"
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience, 1986

"The Joyous Quartet"
Philips Records, 1970

"The Lost Chord"

"The Manís a Wonder"
XSF, Unknown

"The Maori Flute"
Inia Te Wiata, Unknown

"The Nose One"
Shoes this High, 1981

"There is No Depression in New Zealand"
John Reynolds, 1981

"Thereís Gonna be Some Lovin..."
Herma Keilles,

"The Search for the Land of the Long White Shroud"
His Master's Voice,

"The Second Coming"
Matt McCat, 1986

"The Sputnik Song"
Julie Nelson, 1960

"The Sun Stabbed EP"
Micheal Morley, 1988

"The Taihape Tango"

"The Toolset 7""
Girl Alliance, 1999

"The Voice in a Million"
Eddie Low, 1964

"The Weeds"
Robert Scott, 1985

"The White Rabbit "
Viking Records, 1963

"This is Goodbye/ After the Party"
Hit Singles Productions, 1982

"This is My Song"
Kiri Te Kanawa, 1973

"Three Dances"
A Handfull of Dust, 1994

"Three Point Turn"
Lindsay Marks,

Alaster Galbraith , 1989

"Time for Love"
MCA Records, Unknown

Terminals, 1992

Flesh D-Vice, 1985

"True Colours"
Noel Crombie, 1980

"True Colours"
Noel Crombie, 1980

"True Colours"
Noel Crombie,

"True Colours"
Noel Crombie, 1980

"True Colours"
Noel Crombie, 1980

"True Colours"
Noel Crombie, 1980

"True Colours"
Noel Crombie, 1980

"Twisters Twist"
Knight Footwear, Unknown

"Twistin' and a Rockin'"
Viking , 1963

"Twistiní the Night Away"
Antoni Williams, Unknown

"uh - Huh!"
The Rainy Days, 1995

"Under the Influence"
Chris Knox, 1993

Wellington Anglican Maori Club,


A&M, 1981

Split Enz, 1981

Split Enz, 1981

Split Enz, 1981

"Waiata Maori"
Inia Te Wiata, 1966

"Waiata Poi"
Hubert Milverton-Carta, 1955

"War Cry"
Tony and the Initials, 1952?

The Kiwi Animal, 1983

"Western Favourites"
Ron Hayward, 1958

"Wet Blanket"
Flying Nun, WEA, 1987

"What Greater Love"

Schnell Fenster,

"Wonder Book"
Christoper Roy Williams, 1981

"Working Class Hero"
Bryan Staff, 1981

"Ya! Ya! Ya!"
Flying Nun 1984, 1984

"You Can't Win"
Peter Cape, 1956

"You Tonight"
The Garage Crawlers, 1981



Armatrak, 1985