Sep 1997
  • Initial concept discussions for the archive.
Nov 1997 - Apr 1998
  • Project scoping sessions. Initial team includes Frances Joseph, David Merritt, Welby Ings, Peter Mousdale and Peter Gilderdale.
Apr 1998
  • Application to the AIT Contestable research Fund for seeding money to establish the project. The application was titled 'The Art of change: A History of Graphic Design in New Zealand'.
May 1998
  • Contact made with HUMANZ (Humanities Association of new Zealand. Discussion about the NZGDA in relation to their History of NZ Print Culture Project.
Jun 1998
  • Frances Joseph visited The University of Brighton to meet Professor Johnathan Woodham, director of the Design History Research Centre. With the assistance of the Dean of the Faculty of Art and Architecture, Professor Bruce Brown, a mentoring relationship of the NAGDA by the Centre was established.
  • AUT Contestable grant application approved.
Jul 1998
  • Process of researching and testing digital image archiving projects and systems commenced.
Aug 1998
  • Set up of in house web server, a standard G3 desktop computer on loan from Apple Computer NZ.
Oct 1998
  • The first version of the NZGDA web site is put up, a holding pattern to occupy the domain space.
Dec 1998 - Jan 1999
  • Server migrated from running the standard Mac OS8 to PPCLinuxV3 and now the BSD Unix flavour of OSX.
  • Apache was our web server software of choice.
Feb 1999
  • Temporary Filemaker Pro database set up using the Getty´s CDWA for the basis of description fields.
Mar 1999
  • Katy Yiakamis joins the NZGDA as a part time research assistant. Image capture processes investigated.
  • David Merritt on research trip to the USA.
Apr 1999
  • Preparatory interviews begun with music industry figures, including Phil Warren and Mike Chunn. Chris Mousdale joins us as the senior researcher in the record covers project.
  • Record covers logged onto both the database and web site.
May 1999
  • Dialogue established with the National Graphic Design Archive at Cooper Union University in New York.
Jun 1999 - Sep 1999
  • Pilot versions of the web site trialed by designer Rakai Karitiana
  • meeting with staff from Auckland Museum to set up research Relationship.
  • Welby Ings works on the Pan Print Awards project.
  • Imaging archiving systems have developed in matters relating to file types and compatibility as well as thesaurus and vocabulary requirements.
Sep 1999
  • Co-ordination of our database files with existing data base of NZ music held at the Hocken Library, Dunedin.
Oct 1999
  • Frances Joseph delivers a paper titled 'Design History in the Virtual Classroom : Digital Archives for Teaching, Research and Learning' at the DECA (Design Educators) 99 Conference in Sydney Australia.
  • Grant application submitted to AIT Research Fund for second part of project, titled "The Virtual Archive: The Development and Analysis of the NZGDA's relational image database as a discipline specific, content based model' for database development.
Oct 1999 - Nov 1999
  • Background interviews with Paul McKessar of Flying Nun Records and Alan Taylor of the Printing department of the School of Art and Design.
Nov 1999
  • Launch of the NZGDA web site at Four Seasons Reception Centre, School of Art and Design, AUT.
  • Interviews conducted for the Phonographics section of the website with Hal Chapman, Mike Chunn and Lindsay Marks.
  • Contact established with Dylan Horrocks at Armageddon Festival. Discussion about his exhibition of NZ comic history and possible involvement with NZGDA.
Feb 2000
  • Dedicated space on the 7 th floor of E block made available to the Archive by the School of Art and Design.
Mar 2000
  • Abigail Fox joins the group as a researcher while Katy Yiakmis is away at Brighton University.
  • Atu Huck joins the NZGDA working on the NZ comics project.
Apr 2000
  • Chris Mousdale goes to Brazil to research South American Record Covers.
  • Process of reviewing and evaluating image database software commences.
May 2000
  • Search facility added to website.
  • New meta tags added to increase site recognition by search engines.
  • Database upgraded to Filemaker 5.
Jun 2000
  • Interviews begin with designer Nobby Clarke, with Amy and Virginnia MacKinnon joining the research team.
Sep 2000
  • Initial discussions with software developers Hamish Judson and Ross Howard of Analog media regarding database development.
Oct 2000
  • Paper presented by Frances Joseph at The Digital Resources in the Humanities Conference, University of Sheffield, UK, titled 'Pieces of A Jigsaw: Influences of Digital Archiving Methods on the Construction of New Zealand Design History'.
  • Visit by Frances Joseph to DHR Centre at University of Brighton including meeting with archivist Catherine Moriarty.
Nov 2000
  • Intensive investigation of image indexing systems and evaluation in relation to cross searchability and compatability with multimedia indexing schema. Visual Resources Association scheme, with good Dublin Core compatability identified as the most suitable.
  • Database requirements and functionality identified.
  • Application made to the Faculty of Arts Centre for New Media Research for additional funding to develop relational image database for NZDA.
Dec 2000 - Jan 2001
  • Treehive database set up.
  • Expansion of NZGDA web site to incorporate new sections on NZ comics, Profile of Nobby Clarke, and Treehive database with some 300 NZGDA images. Linking of NZGDA website front end with NZDA database backend.
Feb 2001
  • Visit of Professors Bruce Brown and Jonathan Woodham to Auckland.
  • Launch of NZDA database at the Four Seasons Conference Centre.
  • Digitisation and Knowledge Conference presented at AUT by The Faculty of Arts Centre for New Media Research. Papers presented on 'The Virtual Collection: Digital Resource Building and the New Zealand Design Archives' and 'The Open Source Software Movement' by David Merritt.
Mar 2001
  • Analog Media moves to AUT Technology Park.
  • NZDA establishes office at Technology Park.
Apr 2001
  • Visit of Prof.Mark Meadow from the Microcosms project at the University of California, Santa Barbara, dialogue between projects established.
  • David Merritt leaves AUT.
  • Application to AUT Contestable Research Fund for development of CD ROM based on Nobby Clark's unpublished 1970Ős illustrations of Auckland.
May 2001 - Aug 2001
  • Ongoing proofing of database entries and refinement of software.
Jun 2001 - Aug 2001
  • Photographer KT HO and multimedia designer Steve Rood join CD project team.
  • Site research by Nobby, Frances Joseph and KT Ho.
Aug 2001
  • Wenxin Lu joins NZDA team, begins process of evaluating and redesigning NZGDA website which is in urgent need of upgrading.
  • Research agreement signed with MOTAT.
  • Upgrade of NZDA server and move to AUT Technology Park.
Sep 2001
  • Discussions with theBritish Council regarding the development of an exhibition of NZ record cover design to accompany exhibition of UK record design to tour NZ in 2002.
  • An article 'The New Zealand Design Archives: Digital Resource Building and Design History' by Frances Joseph published in the 'Journal of Design History' Vol 14 Number 3, 2001 pp 227-236.
Oct 2001
  • A paper titled 'Objects and Contexts: Using relational image database construction and functionality to enhance design history research and teaching' presented by Frances Joseph at the Digital Research and Resources on the Humanities Conference, University of Sydney.
  • Contacts established with a number of key NZ and Australian digitisation projects and institutions.
29 Oct 2001
  • New Graphic Design Site Launch. (If you have a 1024x768 Monitor, please click here to see a seminar about the launch.)