Quick-Eze; three women.

Nobby Clark

Type Advertisements
According to Nobby Clark this was an advertisement taken from a women's magazine.
Title Quick-Eze; three women.
Title given by NZGDA.
Measurements.Dimensions 178mm by 123mm
These measurements have been taken from a copy of the advertisement which has been cut from a magazine & pasted into a portfolio.
Materials.Medium Ink.
Materials.Support Paper.
Materials.Medium Gouache.
This was used in the original illustration.
Materials Indian Ink.
This was used in the line drawing for the original illustration.
Materials Photograph.
This was used in the finished artwork.
Techniques Offset colour printing.
Techniques Painting.
The colour on the original was completed using gouache and brush.
Techniques Photography.
Nobby Clark isn't sure if the photograph Quick-Eze packet was taken in house or not.
Techniques Line drawing.
Nobby Clark has remarked that for his illustrative work he draws a composition on layout paper, sticks this to the window, traces it onto a sheet of Kent cartridge paper and then draws in all the intricate detail. He completes most of his illustrative work in this way.
Techniques Montage.
This technique was used in the layout for the finished artwork.
Creator.Personal name Nobby Clark
Role Illustrator
Clark remarked that the pay was good for this work.
Creator.Corporate name McHarmans
Role Agency
This is the suggested spelling of this company name. Nobby Clark created a number of different illustrations for this series of advertisements, about 5. The agency laid the photograph of the packet down on the drawing with the copy and created the whole advertisement. This method of completion was quite unusual, Clark has never encountered it at any other time.
Date.Creation 1980's
Mid 1980s
Location.Current Site NZGDA collection
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_dp_nc_i_043
Culture New Zealand
This is where the image was created.
Subject Indigestion tablets, three women, waitress, ice cream sundae, hat, sweater, dress, jewellery, tray
Subject Quick-Eze
The product that is being advertised.
Relation.version of Quick-eze advertisements.
This image is a variation of a set of approximately five advertisements for Quick-eze Nobby Clark completed. These illustrations were freelance work given to Clark by Bob Harvey then boss of McHarmons advertsing agency. Clark was unsure of the spelling of McHarmons.
Description The image includes two women eating ice cream sundaes and a female waitress carrying a tray with an empty sundae glass on it. The woman in the foreground of the image is wearing a yellow sweater and has red hair. She has her hand to her mouth in an expression of surprise, presumably from indigestion. To her left a woman in a green patterned dress, gloves, matching bead and earring set, straw hat and spectacles is sat. The waitress is standing behind them looking on with a smile on her face. She is wearing a blue dress with a white collar and has a red bow in her hair which is worn in a beehive style. On her tray she is carrying an empty sundae glass. The Quick-Eze packet is blue with orange trim and overlays the illustration at the far left hand side. 'Quick-Eze' is written in orange lettering, the rest of the text is in white. The text on the Quick-eze packet reads; "Walco; QUICK-EZE; 14 Antacid tablets" The main copy is printed in a bold sans serif font and is in capitals and lower case. It reads "Covenient...It's a relief to have it handy." The rest of the copy is printed in a sans serif font in capitals and lower case. It reads; "Gives quick relief from indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and acid stomach.; Made by HEARDS LTD Waiuku.; Walco and Quick-eze are registered trademarks of Lifesavers (NZ) Ltd.; MACH827 MT." (AAF)
Source Nobby Clark
In discussions with AM 08. and 09. 2000. In discussion with AAF 01. and 02. 2001
Source Abigail Fox
Reasearcher, image analysis and interpretation. 01. and 02. 2001
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Researcher. 2000.
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Rights Copyright.
Owned by McHarmans, a company which is no longer in exsistence. Permission to present this work in the NZDA has been given by the artist.