London's Clubland

Nobby Clark

Type Illustration
Title London's Clubland
Name given by the NZGDA.
Measurements.Dimensions 196mm by 181mm
The measurements have been taken from an image cut from a magazine & pasted into a portfolio. They include the text.
Materials.Medium Ink
Materials.Support Paper
Materials.Medium Gouache.
This was used in the creation of the original image.
Materials Indian ink
Techniques Painting
Nobby remarked that for his illustrative work he draws a compostion on layout paper, sticks this to the window, traces it onto a sheet of paper (Kent cartridge) and then draws in all the intricate detail. He completes most of his illustrative work in this way. He also said that he "worked half up" meaning that he always worked bigger then cut the size down by half.
Techniques Line drawing
Techniques Offset colour printing
Four colour
Creator.Personal name Nobby Clark
Role Illustrator
Date.Creation 1980's
Mid 1980's
Location.Current Site NZGDA collection
Location.Former Site Horizon Magazine
This is the magazine in which the image was published.
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_dp_nc_i_045
Culture New Zealand
The culture in which the image was created.
Culture British
A small section of British culture is represented in the content of this illustration.
Subject Three men, one waiter, upper class, chair, posh, gentlemen's club, jacket, bow tie, tray, glass, waistcoat, drink, alchohol, walking stick, window
Subject A gentleman's club
Relation.part of Horizon Magazine
The illustration was created for Horizon magazine started by Paul Downey in Ponsonby, Auckland.
Description Image and text. This image is of two men sat in large chairs in front of a window. There is a waiter standing in the foreground. The men sitting down are both wearing suits. One is wearing a red bow tie, has a walking stick resting on his chair and is holding up what appears to be a hearing aid. The other is wearing a grey suit and a blue bow-tie. Both men are drinking, the older one with the red bow tie has a brandy glass, the other a wine glass in his hand. There is a soda syphon on the table beside the men. The waiter is carrying a tray with an empty glass on it. The decor of the room includes red curtains, what appears to be a marble bust and some shelved books. Outside the window it is just posible to see a red brick building and a tree.[AAF]
Source Nobby Clark
From discussion with AM 08. and 09. 2000. From discussions with AAF 01. and 02. 2001.
Source Abigail Fox
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 01. and 02. 2001.
Source Amy MacKinnon
Researcher. 2000.
Rights Copyright
The copyright is held by Horizon magazine. Permission to present the work in the NZGDA has been given by the artist.