Pensive woman

Nobby Clark

Type Illustration
Title Pensive woman
Name given by the NZGDA.
Measurements.Dimensions 133mm by 85mm
These measurements have been taken from an image that has been cut from a magazine and pasted into a portfolio.
Creator.Personal name Nobby Clark
Role Illustrator
Date.Creation Unknown
Location.Current Site NZGDA collection
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_dp_nc_i_055
Culture New Zealand
The culture in which the image was created.
Culture Maori
The culture of the older woman represented in the work.
Subject Window, glass, vase, flower, cobweb, hedge, women, men, sheep shearer, sheep, pipe, scarf, hands, singlet, hat, hair
Source Nobby Clark
From discussion with Am 08. and 09. 200.From discussions with AAF 01.and 02. 2001
Source Abigail Fox
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 08. 2001.
Rights Copyright
Permission to present this work in the NZGDA has been given by the artist.