My Mistake

Split Enz

Master Media
Type Record Covers
Title My Mistake
Measurements.Format Single
45 rpm
Materials.Medium Ink
Materials.Support Cardboard
Techniques Offset Printing
Two colour - black and red
Techniques Studio photography
Studio photography was used fo the source image.
Creator.Corporate name Split Enz
Role Author
Creator.Personal name The sleeve was by Noel Crombie and Peter Wagg
Role Designer
Noel Crombie was a musician in Split Enz
Creator.Personal name Han Chew Tham
Role Photographer
Creator.Corporate name UK Chrysalis
Role Record Label
Date.Release 1977
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Location.Current Repository Hocken Library, Dunedin, New Zealand
The Hocken holds a copy of this record.
ID Number.Record Label Catalogue Number UK Chrysalis CHS 2170
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_rc_i_0122_f, nzgda_rc_i_0122_b
ID Number.Hocken Dynix BIB 587185
Style/Period.Period 1970's
Style/Period.Style New Wave/post-progressive rock
Culture New Zealand
Influenced by British New Wave.
Subject Musicians, men, suits, ties
Subject Split Enz
Description Front cover; image and text. The front cover is printed in two colours with "Split Enz" and the song titles in red and all other text and the image in black. The seven band members are depicted photographically. Three of the figures are rotated clockwise ninety degrees and spaced evenly along the left side of the cover. The remaining four figures are arranged in a square, centered vertically on the right of the cover. Three of these are lying on their backs with their heads hanging down. The fourth is in the top right corner and upright. The band members are dressed in New Wave style clothing - white dress shirts, dinner jackets with contrasting lapels, and ties. Some of the band members have spiky hair and some have heavy make-up. Overall the design communicates a sense of disheveled discontinuity. [KY]
The UK release of the single utilises photographs from the sessions for the 'Dizrythmia' album cover. [CM]
Description Back cover; image and text. The back cover is blank except for a centred block of text with images of the covers for the Mental Notes and Dizrythmia albums. The text at the bottom of the cover states "For further information write to Frenz of the Enz, 388-396 Oxford Street London W.1. The Chrysalis logo appears at the bottom centre of the cover and the catalogue number in the top right. [KY]
Source Real Groovy Records, Auckland, New Zealand.
The record documented was from this record shop.
Source Katy Yiakmis
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 02.2001.
Source Chris Mousdale
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 02.2001.
Rights Chrysalis Records
Typography The text on the front cover has the group name in red italics with a black outline dropshadow.
Style Italic
Weight Light
Size 60 and 24 point
Serifness Serif
Colour Red and black
Typography for group name is that used on the UK and US release 'Mental Notes' and 'Dizrythmia'(NZ).
Typography The front cover also has song titles in sans serif black, and additional information in white reversed out of red.
Style Reminiscent of 1920's Art Deco
Weight Light
Size 14 point
Serifness Sans Serif
Colour Black, white reversed out of red
Case Upper case
Typography Type on the back cover is similar to that of the front but without the reversed out type.
Size 72, 24 and 14 point
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