Chris Heazlewood

Master Media
Type Record Covers
Title Gunn
Measurements.Dimensions 7" x 7"
Measurements.Format Single
45 rpm
Materials.Medium Ink
Materials.Support Cardboard
Techniques Offset Printing
One colour - black
Techniques Photography
Photography was used to create the source image for this cover.
Creator.Personal name Chris Heazlewood
Role Designer
Heazlewood did the design and photography.
Creator.Corporate name Flying Nun
Role Record Label
Creator.Personal name Terry Perkins
Role Designer
Perkins added the typography in after scanning the cover.
Creator.Corporate name Heazlewood
Role Author
Date.Release 1993
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Phototransparency and the NZDA Flying Nun artwork physical archive.
Location.Current Repository Hocken Library, Dunedin, New Zealand
The Hocken holds a copy of this single.
ID Number.Record Label Catalogue Number FN222
Festival K 10543
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_rc_i_0163_f, nzgda_rc_i_0163_b
ID Number.Hocken Dynix BIB 588901
Culture New Zealand
Subject Gunn amplifier, speaker materials
Description The back cover image is a black and white photograph of a globe of the moon, showing a highly contrasted moon surface covered in craters. The image has been flipped horizontally during the photographic printing process so that the lettering on the globe now appears back to front and upside down. The hand of the person holding the globe is visible in the bottom left corner of the cover. The face of the same person has been obscured by a dolls face mask. Lettering for credits and track listing has been added later using Photoshop.
Description The front cover image is a high contrast 35mm black and white photograph of the cloth front on a Gunn guitar amplifier. The image has been photographically reprinted and then scanned into a computer where the type for the name of the record "Heazlewood" has then been added and skewed to roughly match the angle that the Gunn logo is on. The material often used on amplifier covers contains a repetitive patterning which has featured on other record covers over the years.
Source David Merritt
Researcher, image analysis. 02.2001.
Source Katy Yiakmis
Researcher, image analysis. 10.2001.
Rights Chris Heazlewood for the original photo.
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