The Bongos

Record Type Work
Type Record Covers
Title Monotony
Measurements.Dimensions 7" x 7"
Measurements.Format Single
Materials.Support Cardboard
Materials.Medium Ink
Techniques Offset Printing
Two colour - red and black
Creator.Corporate name The Bongos
Role Author
Creator.Corporate name Propeller
Role Record Label
Date.Release 1982
Location.Current Site Crawlspace Records, Auckland, New Zealand
Location.Current Site NZDA Collection
ID Number.Record Label Catalogue Number REO20
Festival K8798
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_rc_i_0498_f, nzgda_rc_i_0498_b
Subject Dots
Source David Merritt
Researcher, image analysis. 03.2001.
Source Katy Yiakmis
Researcher, image analysis. 09.2001.
Rights Propellor Records