On Camera!

The Fabulous Howard Morrison Quartet

Type Record Covers
Title On Camera!
Measurements.Dimensions 7" x 7"
Measurements.Format EP
Materials.Medium Ink
Materials.Support Cardboard
Techniques Offset Printing
Two colour - red and black. The printers were Jenkins Printers of Auckland.
Creator.Corporate name The Fabulous Howard Morrison Quartet
Role Author
Creator.Corporate name La Gloria Records
Role Record Label
Date Unknown
Location.Current Site Hocken Library, Dunedin, New Zealand
The Hocken library holds a copy of this EP.
ID Number.Record Label Catalogue Number GEP 322
ID Number.Hocken Dynix BIB 588808
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_rc_i_0466_f, nzgda_rc_i_0466_b
Culture Maori
Subject Howard Morrison Quartet
Subject Men, television studio, television camera, lights, double bass, drums, guitar, electrical cords, tuxedo
Subject Musicians, band, singer
Description Front cover; image and text; The front cover consists of a black and white photograph and red and black text on a white background. The photograph forms a band across the cover horizontally and has text both above and below it. The photograph shows four men in tuxedoes standing in a group. One has a guitar and wears spectacles. Two appear to be singing. On a podium to their right is a three man band. One is playing the double bass, another the drums and another is sitting down as though at a keyboard (there is no piano visible). They are dressed in suits, shirts and ties. In the foreground of the photograph is the back of a man's head, he has headphones on. To his left there is a long pole, possibly for a microphone which is not visible. The pole is entwined with electrical cable. To the left of this is the cameraman. He is standing behind a camera which is pointed directly at the band. He is wearing headphones and is controlling the movement of the camera. The studio set has a plain background with images of musical instruments on a frieze that runs along the back wall. 'On Camera!' is in red type and is sitting above the top left half of the photograph. In the top right corner of the cover is the record number. Directly below the bottom right corner of the photograph, are the words 'The Fabulous' in black. Below 'Fabulous' the words 'Howard Morrison Quartet' begin. They are in red type and are centred across the cover. Below this are the song titles; 'Michael', Virgin Mary', Do You Love me?' and 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone?' Each title is seperated by a hyphen.[AAF]
There has been some water damage to this cover. This has resulted in brown marks across the bottom of the cover. [AAF]
Description Back cover; text; The back cover comprises red and black text on a white background. In the top right corner is the record number. In the top left corner of the cover are the words 'On Camera!' in the same red text as the front. Below this, running across the cover is the band's name in black text. The majority of the cover has been divided by a vertical red line into two. On the right side of the line is the body text which talks about the Howard Morrison Quartet, the history of this record and the new medium of television. On the left side of the red are line are the song titles. They have been seperated by red bullet points. Also on this side of the line is a small red, black and white sticker that has a small image of a disc on it and reads; 'Marbecks Record Shop, Queens Arcade, Auckland.' Underneath all of the above, the information that relates to recording and to copyright is centered horizontally. Centered at the very bottom of the cover are the printer's credits. [AAF]
Source Abigail Fox
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 05.2001
Source Katy Yiakmis
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 05.2001
Rights La Gloria Records
Typography The text on the front cover is red and black and sans serif. Some is italicised.
Size 48, 36, 24 and 10 point
Serifness Sans Serif
Colour Red, black
Case Mostly upper case
Typography The text on the back cover is red and black sans serif.
Size 48. 36, 18 and 10 point
Serifness Sans Serif
Colour Black, white
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