King Loser

James Kirk

Master Media
Type Record Covers
Title King Loser
Measurements.Dimensions 7" x 7"
Measurements.Format Single
45 rpm
Materials.Support Cardboard
Materials.Medium Ink
Techniques Offset Printing
Four colour
Techniques Appropriation
The image for the front cover was appropriated.
Creator.Personal name James Kirk
Role Photographer
Creator.Personal name Chris Heazlewood
Role Designer
Creator.Personal name Tom Scharpling
Role Designer
Tom Scharpling added in the red lettering on the back cover. He is a US record company chief executive officer.
Creator.Corporate name King Loser
Role Author
Creator.Corporate name 18 Wheeler Records, NJ, NY
Role Record Label
Date.Release 1993
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Location.Current Repository Hocken Library, Dunedin, New Zealand
The Hocken holds a copy of this single.
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_rc_i_0199_f, nzgda_rc_i_0199_b
Style/Period.Group Second wave Dunedin sound.
A distinctive surf-punk guitar driven sound which emerged from the Dunedin, New Zealand, music scene in the early 1980's based around the Flying Nun record label. [KY.DM.]
Culture New Zealand
Early grunge/alternative/punk/psychadelia.
Subject Splash
Subject Crown
This was intended as an allusion to royalty.
Relation Chris Heazlewood has also released self-titled albums.
Description The front cover has been appropriated from a magazine showing water droplets forming crownlike shapes under high magnification and photographed using fast shutter speed. An obvious visual reference back to the name of the band. The King Loser hand-lettering is by Chris Heazlewood on both front and back covers. The back cover is a black and white line art illustration from a Playboy magazine from the 1960's. It shows a stylised rocket carrying commercial passengers into space. [DM]
Source Interview with Chris Heazlewood
DM. 22/01/2001
Source David Merritt
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 02.2001.
Source Katy Yiakmis
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation. 02.2001.
Rights Chris Heazlewood
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