Western Springs

Barbara Joseph
August 1996

Type curtains
Title Western Springs
Measurements.Dimensions 1.20m x 5m
There are three sets of curtains at this size
Materials Cotton (textile)
Materials Printing Ink
Techniques Screen Printed
Techniques Hand-Painted
Techniques screen print
Creator Barbara Joseph
Role artist
Creator.Corporate name Westmere Primary School students
Role participants
Creator.Personal name Cathy Pole
Role Teacher
Creator.Personal name Ngaire Evans
Role Teacher
Date August 1996
Location.Current Site Private Collection
Westmere Primary School, Garnet Rd, Westmere, Auckland, New Zealand.
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Digital image.
ID Number.NZDA Number poi_te-wecu-001
Style/Period.Period 1990's
Culture New Zealand
Subject butterflies, pukekoes, flax bushes, water, fish. eels, children, planes
Subject Western Springs park
Western Springs park is a nature reserve in Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand.
Subject New Zealand flora and fauna
The curtains show impressions of the children‘s walk in Western Springs park,showing its flora and fauna, particularly the pukeko, a native New Zealand bird and the flax bush.
Relation part of
part of series that were made 1996 to 1999 to enhance the school environment
Description One set of curtains show the lakeside of Western Springs Park in a schematic way. At the bottom is a strip of water full of fish. The next layer shows the flax bushes growing by the lake on top of which are a procession of pukekoes with butterflies fluttering around their heads. The second set shows self portraits of the children walking through the park with an area of trees, a playground and the lake. The curtains are a collaborative art work with children, teachers and artist.The techniques used enable the children to be fully involved with every stage of the making of the curtains from drawing and design to printing. The children involved were aged 5 to 8.
Source Barbara Joseph
Barbara Joseph provided image analysis and interpretation of this work in 2001.
Rights Westmere School, Garnet Rd, Westmere, Auckland, New Zealand
Permission has been given by the school to present this work in the NZDA

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