Nuclear Free Pacific

Adrienne Foote

Type Cloth
A textile design in a repeat pattern and printed on a continuous length of fabric.
Title.Series Nuclear Free Pacific
Part of Footeprints summer range 1986.
Measurements.Dimensions 120cm or 150cm wide
The fabric was produced in both 120cm and 150cm widths and printed by the metre.
Materials.Support Cotton (textile)
Materials.Medium Printing Ink
Techniques Screen Printed
The design was hand-drawn directly on to film and then exposed on to the silk screen using photographic techniques.The fabric was hand-screened with one colour on to a coloured base cloth.
Creator.Personal name Adrienne Foote
Role Designer
Adrienne's fabrics were produced under the label Footeprints. In 1995 she joined with fashion designer Doris de Pont to create the label DNA.
Creator.Corporate name Footeprints
Role Manufacturer
Date.Creation 1986
Produced for the Summer range for Footeprints.
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Digital image
Location.Current Site Auckland Museum
A sample is held at Auckland Museum.
ID Number.NZDA Number poi_ap_adfo_004
Style/Period.Period 1980's
Style/Period.Movement Anti-Nuclear
Style/Period.Style New Zealand Pacific
Style/Period.Style Woodblock, lino cutting
The look of woodblock and lino prints influenced this design.
Culture New Zealand
Subject Dead fish, islands, palm trees, man, woman,heart, bombs, crosses..
Subject Atomic explosions
Subject Nuclear Free Pacific.
Adrienne Foote remarked that "This print used the style of the Pacific tourist resort souvenir print garment as a vehicle for protest against French Nuclear testing in the South Pacific".
Relation.part of Summer range of fabric and garments.
Description Adrienne has created her design using some of the shapes and style found in Pacific Art and decoration. As reference she used souvenirs and textiles from Hawaii, Samoa, Rarotonga and Nuie.
Source Adrienne Foote
Adrienne Foote provided written comments about this work in 2000.
Source Jean Clarkson
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation.
Rights Adrienne Foote
Permission has been given by the artist to present this work in the NZDA.

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