Tivaevae leaves

Angela Fraser

Type bag
Title.Series Tivaevae leaves
One of a series of about five bags produced, each unique in colour.
Measurements.Dimensions 45cm x 35cm
Not including handle
Materials.Support Cotton (textile)
Twill weave cotton cloth used as a base for layers of paint, applied to both sides to seal the surface.
Materials.Medium Paint
Materials.Medium polyurethane
Water based polyurethane in a gloss finish applied over painted design to protect the surface and brighten the colours.
Materials.Medium leather
Cowhide, used for the base and handles.
Techniques Stencils (images)
Outline of image transferred to primed canvas using cardboard stencils.
Techniques Hand Colouring
Image painted using a brush, keeping to outlines created with stencil.
Techniques Sewing
bag constructed using an industrial walking-foot sewing machine.
Techniques Riveting
Rivets used to strengthen handles. Applied using hand tools.
Creator.Personal name Angela Fraser
Role Artist
Date.Creation 1993
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Digital image.
ID Number.NZDA Number poi_ap_anfr_005
Style/Period.Period 1990's
Style/Period.Style Stencil
Culture New Zealand
Subject Leaves
Stylised design with strong symmetry.
Relation.based on "Tivaevae" quilts
Relation.part of Range of purses, bags and mats
This bag is part of a series of works produced in the 1990's. The artist supplied a few retail outlets in Auckland, New Zealand. The range of products include a range of purses, bags and floormats, all using similar motifs and materials.
Description The image or motif used here has been used in other works by the artist. The use of stencils gives a very similar style to the use of cut-out fabric used in "tivaevae" quilts which the artist has used as a source of inspiration. The use of strong symmetry and bold colour are also design elements common in the artists work produced in the 1990's. AF
Source Angela Fraser
Rights Angela Fraser

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