Genghis Khan banners

Barbara Joseph
June 1996

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Type Banners
Title Genghis Khan banners
Measurements.Dimensions 1.2m x 5m
Materials.Support Cotton (textile)
Materials.Medium Printing Ink
Techniques Screen Printed
Techniques Hand-Painted
Techniques Hand Colouring
Techniques Stencils (images)
Creator.Personal name Barbara Joseph
Role Artist
Creator.Corporate name Auckland Museum: children's workshop
Role Workshop (organisations)
Date June 1996
Location.Current Site Auckland Museum
The banner is displayed in the Children's Discovery Centre, Auckland Museum, Auckland, New Zealand.
Location.Current Site NZDA Collection
Digital image.
ID Number.NZDA Number poi_te_aumu_005
Style/Period.Period 1990s
Style/Period.Style Childrens art
Culture New Zealand
Culture Mongolian/Chinese
The banner was made in relation to the 'Ghenghis Khan' exhibition at the Auckland Museum displaying artefacts from the life of Ghenghis Khan and contemporary nomadic Mongolian culture.
Subject Dragons, birds,insects.
Subject Ghenghis Khan
The children in the workshop drew motifs and designs from textiles and ceramics displayed in the Ghenghis Khan exhibition.
Relation.part of Auckland Museum:children's workshops
The Auckland Museum runs art workshops for children in relation to exhibitions.
Relation.part of Display in Children's Discovery Centre, Auckland Museum
Description The banner consists of a central deep red panel printed with images of dragons, birds and insects in black circles.It has a border of warm yellow printed with gold patterns. The children in the workshop produced their own individual fabric wall hangings and all contributed to the large banner by screenprinting their images on both. The banners were painted and coloured after drying the screenprints.
Source Barbara Joseph
Barbara Joseph provided comments as creator and researcher in 2000.
Rights Auckland Museum, Auckland, New Zealand
Permission has been given by the museum to present this work in the NZDA.
Rights Barbara Joseph
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