Daphne Mitten

Type Outfits
Part of a range of garments and furnishings printed for Daphne's label.
Title.Series Floral
Materials.Medium Single knit cotton.
Materials.Support Printing Ink
Techniques Hand-Painted
The image was brushed on with fabric dye diluted with water.
Techniques Hand Colouring
Some of the flowers where hand-coloured with a thicker brush after the outlines had been brushed on with a fine brush.
Creator.Personal name Daphne Mitten
Role Artist
Date.Creation 1985
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Digital image.
Location.Current Site Jan Maxim, Fairlie, Canterbury, New Zealand.
ID Number.NZDA Number poi_ap_dami_003
Style/Period.Period 1980's
Style/Period.Style Floral
Subject Flowers
Large florals brushed on to the fabric.
Relation.part of Range of original garments.
Description This outfit consisting of pants and top are typical of Daphne's work at this time. She was inspired by a piece of silk jersey fabric from the 1940's and based her design on that. She hand-painted the flowers directly on to the fabric to create a one-off design. Her work has an energetic, immediate quality and demonstrates Daphne's passion for colour.
Source Daphne Mitten
Daphne Mitten provided information about this work in 2000.
Source Jean Clarkson.
Reseacher, image analysis and interpretation.
Rights Daphne Mitten
Permission has been given by the artist to present this work in the NZDA.

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