Waiheke Genetic Engineering Free Zone

Nora West
March 1999

Type Banners
Title Waiheke Genetic Engineering Free Zone
Measurements.Dimensions .64m x 1.6m
Materials.Support Calico
Materials.Medium Printing Ink
Techniques Screen Printed
Techniques Stencils (images)
Creator.Personal name Nora West
Role Artist
Date March 1999
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Digital image.
Location.Current Site Private Collection
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, U.K.
Location.Current Site Private Collection
Waiheke Island Council Offices, NZ
ID Number.NZDA Number poi_ap_nowe_002
Style/Period.Period 1990s
Style/Period.Movement Protest
The banner protests against genetic engineering of food by defining Waiheke Island as an area where it is not acceptable in any form.
Culture New Zealand
Subject Genetic Engineering
Banner declares Waiheke Island as a Genetic Engineering free zone.
Subject Waiheke Island
Waiheke Island is one of the inhabited islands in the harbour of Auckland City, New Zealand.
Relation.part of Series of 4
Description The banner depicts the island of Waiheke in silhouette form in black.In the silhouette are the words 'Waiheke Is.' and a peace sign. The island is set against a dramatic purple and pink sky and a stylised sea. The words 'Genetic Engineering Free Zone' are outlined in the sky. The Waiheke regional council has a genetic engineering free zone policy and the banner was made to publicise it.
Source Nora West
Comments as creator, researcher, image analysis and interpretation.
Source Barbara Joseph
Comments as researcher, image analysis and interpretation.
Rights Nora West
54 The Esplanade, Oneroa, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

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