Waitakere Pacifica

Flying Colours
August 1998

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Type Banners
Title Waitakere Pacifica
Name given by NZDA.
Measurements.Dimensions 0.75m x 2m
This is the measurement of each banner. There are 24 banners in the project.
Materials.Support Cotton (textile)
Materials.Medium Printing Ink
Techniques Screen Printed
The flat colour shapes were created using hand cut paper stencils.
Techniques Hand Colouring
Additional colour was brushed on to some areas of the design.
Creator.Corporate name Flying Colours
Role Artist
Flying Colours is a partnership between Barbara Joseph and Nora West.
Creator.Corporate name Pacific Island Advisory Board, Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand
Role Workshop (organisations)
The Pacific Island Advisory Board is a group providing advice and services in West Auckland to the Pacific Island community.
Creator.Personal name Cathy Kencel
Role Commissioner
Cathy Kencel was the Arts and Recreation officer for Waitakere City Council.
Date.Creation August 1998
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Digital image.
Location.Current Site Private Collection
Pacific Island Advisory Board, Corbans Estate, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand. The banners are stored by the board and displayed annually for their Pacifica Festival.
ID Number.NZDA Number poi_ct_wapa_003
Style/Period.Period 1990's.
Style/Period.Style Cook Island Tivaevae.
The style and imagery of this project were influenced by Tivaevae. This is a quilting technique distinctive to the Cook Islands, where bold silhouetted shapes are appliqued to a contrasted background.
Style/Period.Style Tapa cloth.
This project was influenced by the designs of tapa cloth. This is a traditional cloth generated from the bark of the paper mulberry tree, and it is unique to the Pacific.
Culture Pacifika
The style of the banners refers to a number of different Pacific Island decorative styles and fabric techniques. The makers of the banners came from Tonga, Nuie, Samoa, Cook Islands and Tuvalu, and are residents of Auckland, New Zealand.
Culture New Zealand
Subject Flowers, breadfruit, fish, birds, crown, shells
Subject Pacific identity
The banners celebrate the various Pacific Island cultures represented in the area. They show the festival name in bold lettering and images of flowers, fruit, fish, birds and motifs taken from different Pacific textiles.
Subject Waitakere Pacifica
The banners advertise the Waitakere Pacifica festival, which takes place in November in Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand.
Relation.larger entity 24 banners
Description The banners were produced in workshops leading up to the Waitakere Pacifica festival. Each banner has the words 'Pacific Arts Fest', in bold, hand- drawn letters, placed vertically. Images of frangipani flowers are arranged around the letters. At the top of each banner is a panel with a motif drawn from a Pacific Island textile such as a breadfruit or a crown. The word 'Waitakere' is printed at the top in black letters. The letters are printed with layers of complementary (opposite) colours such as orange and turquoise or fuschia and blue. The intricacy and graphic quality of the images is determined by the use of cut paper stencils and the need for the banners to brand and advertise a festival. The project was made up of 24 banners, produced in a two day workshop. They were made collaboratively with everybody involved contributing different skills. 'Flying Colours' provided technical advice and a format for the banners. They are displayed each year on lamp posts around the festival site.
Source Barbara Joseph
Barbara Joseph provided image analysis and interpretation of this work in 2001.
Source Nora West
Nora West provided additional comment in 2001.
Rights Pacific Island Advisory Board, Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand.
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