Rose McLeod

Type Quilts
Title Untitled
Measurements.Dimensions 160cm x 180cm
Materials.Medium Cotton (textile)
Materials.Support Wool Batting.
Techniques Hand and machine sewn.
Some of the pieces are sewn by machine, while the more difficult shapes are pieced together by hand.
Techniques Hand Quilting.
Creator.Personal name Rose McLeod
Role Artist
Date.Creation 1996
Location.Current Repository NZDA Collection
Digital image.
Location.Current Site Artists collection.
ID Number poi_ap_romc_005
Style/Period.Period 1990's
Style/Period.Style Pacific
Culture New Zealand
Subject Abstract shapes, sun, plant, spirals, chequered pattern, triangles.
Subject Nature
a series done to celebrate the beauty of natural things.
Relation.part of Series of quilts
All the quilts in this series had a similar theme.
Description A series of works done using large motifs to represent the beauty of Nature in the face of man's indifference and apathy towards Mother Earth.
Source Rose Mcleod
Rose Mcleod provided information about this work in 2000.
Source Jean Clarkson
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation.
Rights Rose Mcleod
Permission has been given by the artist to present work in the NZDA.

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