Teal - French Tahiti

Nobby Clark

Type Advertisements
This is an advertisement for TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways Limited).
Title Teal - French Tahiti
Name given by NZGDA.
Measurements.Dimensions 378mm by 352mm
Materials.Medium Ink
Materials.Support Cardboard
Materials.Medium Gouache.
This is was used in the creation of the original image.
Techniques Screen-printing.
Accoring to Nobby Clark screen-printing was technologically advanced in New Zealand at this time. Due to the small population of the country, screen-printing was an economically viable option for advertising and European visitors were often surprised by the high standard of screen-printing when they first arrived.
Techniques Painting.
The original image was created using gouache and brush.
Techniques Hand lettering.
The copy was hand lettered.
Creator.Personal name Nobby Clark
Role Illustrator
This work was used to promote flights to Tahiti on T.E.A.L. (Tasman Empire Airways Limited). The TEAL account was regarded as the one of the best accounts to work on as the company encouraged freedom of design. Nobby created the illustration but did not write the copy for this advertisement.
Creator.Personal name Matt Choate.
Role Screen Printer.
Matt Choate was a well known screen printer in New Zealand at this time. According to Nobby Clark he was considered a technical expert especially in his use of graded colour.
Creator.Corporate name Haythorn-Thwaite Advertising.
Role Agency.
Nobby was working for this agency when the advertisement was created.
Creator.Corporate name Tasman Empire Airways Limited
Role Commissioner
Date.Creation 1950's
Date.Publication 1950's
Location.Current Site NZGDA collection.
Location.Creation Site Haythorn-Thwaite Agency.
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_dp_nc_i_097
Style/Period.Period 1950's
Style/Period.Style Modernist
Nobby Clark recollects no overt Modernist influence, however the image, both thematically and stylistically shows Cubist features, for example in the spatial re-arrangment of objects flattened against the picture plane. Clark commented that advertising designers often "swipe" from fine art.
Culture New Zealand
The culture in which the image was created.
Culture French Tahiti.
including both French and Pacific imagery is represented by the image.
Culture France
The colours of the Tricoleur are represented in this advertisement.
Subject Rooster, pineapple, glass, wine, eye, cigarette, cockscomb, hat, tricolor, geometric shapes, flight
Subject Tahitian culture.
This is an advertising poster depicting French Tahiti. TEAL was one of the first airlines to promote mass tourism in the South Pacific. The imagery reflects a western view of Tahiti.
Subject TEAL.
This is an advertsing poster for TEAL.
Subject French culture.
There are several elements in the advertisement that are representative of French culture; red wine, cigarette, tricoleur, rooster.
Relation.part of Other TEAL advertisements
Nobby Clark worked on TEAL advertising for 4 or 5 years at various agencies including Carlton, Carruthers, du Chateau and King, and Haythorn-Thwaite Advertising.
Description Image and text. The background of the advertisement is black. In the top right corner is a red square with a rough white border. The word 'Tahiti' has been printed in it. Tahiti has been hand lettered in white capital letters. To the left of this is the word 'French' in yellow cursive hand lettering in capital and lower case letters. Below this, to the middle left, is a white square with a thin, rough, yellow line that runs just around the inside of the square. In the bottom right of the page there is a blue square with a rough white border. It has the word 'TEAL' and the airline logo of a stylised flying fish printed in it. The logo is red, the text is in white capital letters. The word 'fly' has been printed to the left of the blue square in the same cursive yellow script as the word 'French' at the top of the image. Running underneath the whole image is text in white capitals that reads; 'New Zealand's international airline in association with Qantas and B.O.A.C.' The focus of the advertisement is an abstract interpretation of a rooster. A stylised pineapple has been used to create the body of the bird, the leaves of which appear as tail feathers. These 'feathers' pick up the colours of the tricoleur as used elsewhere in the advertisement. The rooster has arms encased in grey suit sleeves with red and white striped shirt cuffs. The hands of the rooster are represented by feather like digits, the left hand holds a straw hat with a patterned ribbon around the crown and a lit, smoking cigarette in a holder. The right hand holds a half full glass of red wine. The neck, head and legs of the rooster are of the same yellow colour as the hands and some of the text. The rooster has a prominent red cockscomb and beak. The beak is open as if the rooster is crowing. The feet are red with a white design on them representing scales. [AAF]
Source Nobby Clark.
From discussions between Clark & AM, 08. and 09. 2000. From discussion with AAF 01. and 02. 2001.
Source Abigail Fox.
Researcher, image analysis and interpretaion. 02 and 08 2001.
Source Amy MacKinnon.
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Source Katy Yiakmis
Researcher, image analysis and interpretaion. 08. 2001.
Source Frances Joseph
Researcher, image analysis and interpretaion. 08. 2001.
Rights Copyright.
Permission to present this work in the NZDA given by the artist.