Durock - house

Nobby Clark
Late 1950's

Type Advertisements
This is an illustrated advertisement.
Title Durock - house
Name given by NZGDA
Measurements.Dimensions 265mm by 405mm
These are the dimensions of the work that has been pasted into a portfolio.
Creator.Personal name Nobby Clark
Role Illustrator
Creator.Corporate name Fletcher Industries Ltd
Role Manufacturer
Fletcher Industries manufactured Durock Striated Sidings.
Creator.Corporate name Carlton, Carruthers, du Chateau and King
Role Agency
Nobby Clark was working for this agency when the advertisement was created. A copy writer from the agency created the copy for the advertisement.
Date.Creation Late 1950's
This is an approximate date based on the dates when Nobby Clark was working at Carlton, Carruthers, du Chateau and King.
Location.Current Site NZDA collection
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_dp_nc_i_110
Subject House, sea, tree, water, boats, yachts, tepee, roof, chimney, deck, people, parasol, sun lounger, steps, windows, hammer.
Subject Durock Pure White striated sidings
This is the subject of the advertisement.
Source Nobby Clark
From discussions between Clark and AM, 08 and 09 2000. From discussions with AAF 01 and 02 2001.
Source Abigail Fox
Researcher,image analysis and interpretation. 03 2002.
Source Amy MacKinnon
Researcher. 2000.
Rights Copyright
Permission to present this work in the NZDA has been given by the artist.