Leather Underwear; Knuckles cover

Roger Langridge.
September 1990.

Title Leather Underwear; Knuckles cover
Name given by NZGDA.
Measurements.Dimensions 212mm by 273mm
Materials.Medium Ink
Materials.Support Paper
Materials.Medium Gouache.
This was used in the creation of the original artwork.
Materials.Medium Indian ink.
This was used in the creation fo the original artwork.
Techniques Offset Printing
Techniques Drawing.
This technique was used in the creation of the original artwork.
Techniques Painting.
This technique was used in the creation of the original artwork.
Techniques Inking.
This is the term given by comic artists for the process of finishing the pencil sketch with ink.
Techniques Hand lettering.
The cover text has been hand lettered.
Creator.Personal name Roger Langridge.
Role Comic Artist
Roger Langridge was responsible for both the illustration and the illustrative style of cover copy.
Creator.Corporate name Fantagraphics
Role Publisher
Fantagraphics is an international publisher based in Seattle, Washington, USA.
Date.Publication September 1990.
Date.Creation 1988.
This is the approximate date of creation.
Location.Current Site NZDA Collection
Digital image.
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_cx_rl_i_003
Culture New Zealand
This is the culture in which the artwork was created.
Subject Nun, fly, cross, shield, warts, eye, text,nose, mouth, eyebrow, wimple.
Subject Leather Underwear.
This is the title of the comic book from which we have taken the cover illustration.
Relation.part of Leather Underwear.
This illustration is the cover of the first issue of Leather Underwear, an American comic publication available internationally.
Relation.part of Roger Langridge.
This illustration forms part of Roger Langridge's body of work.
Relation.part of Knuckles the Malevolent Nun.
The cover illustration is one view of Knuckles the Malevolent Nun, a fictional character co-created by Roger Langridge and Cornelius Stone, featured in a strip on the inside cover of this issue of Leather Underwear.
Description This image consists of some text and an illustration. The illustration takes up the bottom two thirds of the page. It consists of a brown 'wood effect' shield with a yellow trim. In both top corners of the shield there are yellow crosses. Dominating the shield is a comic style illustration of a nun's face. She is wearing a white wimple that covers her ears. Her face is wrinkled up, she is winking and looking at a fly that is sat on the middle of her warty nose. There are warts all over her face. Her eyelashes are very long and she has no discernable mouth. Underneath her chin is an inscription that reads 'NUNNUS MALEVOLENTUS", a Latin-ised version of Malevolent Nun. 'Knuckles the Malevolent Nun' is the full name of the comic character depicted here. (AF February 2001)
Description The background colour of the whole page is green. Across the top of the page is a black banner printed with white text that reads; 'Fantagraphics Books Presents'. Underneath this is the word 'leather' written in Gothic Medieval serif hand lettered font. On either side of this word are two yellow boxes, the box on the left reads; 'No1' the box on the right reads; "$2.50, $3.50 CAN.'. Under all of the this is the word; 'underwear' written in the same Gothic Medieval serif hand lettered font. (AF February 2001).
Source Abigail Fox.
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation.
Source Atu Huck.
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation.