Teal Christmas card - Cook Islands

Nobby Clark

Type Illustration
The work is a Christmas card that was sent out on behalf of TEAL.
Title Teal Christmas card - Cook Islands
Name given by the NZGDA.
Measurements.Dimensions 110mm by 150mm
These are the dimensions of the card when it is closed.
Measurements.Dimensions 110mm by 300mm
These are the dimensions of the card when it is open.
Materials.Medium Ink
Materials.Support Card
Materials.Medium Indian ink
This was used in the creation of the original image.
Techniques Offset printing
One colour - black
Techniques Painting
The original image was created using brush and ink.
Creator.Personal name Nobby Clark
Role Illustrator
Clark created the original illustrations for the card.
Creator.Corporate name TEAL (Tasman Empire Airways Limited)
Role Commissioner
Teal commissioned this work from an agency, probably Haythorn Thwaite Advertising. The TEAL account was regarded as one of the best accounts to work on as the company encouraged freedom of design and offered a high budget. Clark worked on the TEAL account for 4 to 5 years at different agencies.
Date.Creation 1950's
This is the approximate date.
Location.Current Site NZGDA collection
ID Number.NZDA Number nzgda_dp_nc_i_121
Style/Period.Period 1950's
This is the time period in which the image was created.
Culture New Zealand
The culture in which the image was created.
Culture The Cook Islands
A stylised, Westernised view of life on the Cook Islands is shown on this card.
Culture Oceanic
This illustration shows a stylised, Western view of life in the Oceanic region.
Culture South Pacific
This work shows a stylised, Western view of the South Pacific region.
Subject Man, fishing, seaweed, sheel, hills, palm trees, beach, sea, moon, clouds, boy, fish
Subject The Cook Islands
The imagery on the card represents aspects of life in the Cook Islands.
Relation.part of TEAL Christmas cards
This card is part of a series of four Christmas cards that were created for TEAL by Nobby Clark. He recalls that TEAL commissioned them for one year only.
Description Cover. Image and text. The only text on the cover of this Christmas card reads; 'Cook Islands on the Teal Coral Route'. The black and white illustration is centred in the middle of the card. It shows a man standing in the sea spear fishing. He has a spear in his left hand, a hibiscus flower behind one ear and is wearing a lei and a lavalava. In the background are hills dotted with palm trees. The moon is high in the sky. The image is framed on the right side by an abstract image that suggests either coral or seaweed. On the left it is framed by depcitions of shells. The text runds directly underneath the image. [AAF]
Description Card inner. Image and text. In the top left corner of the card is a poem by Rupert Brooke. Underneath the words 'Rupert Brooke' is a small illustration of a boy holding up a fish in his left hand. In his right hand he has a stick, a representation of a fishing rod. To the right of the boy and centred across the middle of the card are the words; 'A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year'. [AAF]
The illustration of the boy has also been used on the cover of the ticket folder designed by Clark. (nzgda_dp_nc _i_120).
Source Nobby Clark
From discussions between Clark and AM, 08. and 09. 2000. In discussion with AAF 08. 2001.
Source Abigail Fox
Researcher, image analysis and interpretation 08. 2001.
Source Amy Mackinnon
Researcher. 2000.
Rights Copyright
Permission to present this work in the NZDA has been given by the artist.