Flying Nun

From 1981 till the present Flying Nun records cut a huge swath through the New Zealand recording industry and musical landscape. With an initial low-fi emphasis born out of punk rock and an honest kiwi muck in and DIY mentality, Flying Nun recording artists produced a string of exciting and vibrant sounding records that were unique for their style of brash pop and, coincidently for their graphic design.

Born out of economic necessity, a number of releases in the first few years were simple black and white covers but as the company moved into higher gear with distribution deals and bands singing with some of the bigger international labels, full colour covers soon followed.

The NZDA is fortunate have under its care the entire Flying Nun physical artwork collection. This valuable resource allows our design researchers to study both the artwork submitted by the artists and compare with the final printed cover or poster. It also represents a significant period of transition from traditional design methodology into the areas of digital design. By the mid-90's, most bands were submitting cover artwork on disc or CD which were then tweaked (or redesigned!) upstairs at Revolver Design by John or Andrew.

The Flying Nun archive is housed currently in two large plan cabinets in the corner of our office. We are currently indexing their contents and preserving the artworks using archival materials. Using the search function of the database you can search for the entire Flying Nun collection or for specific band or record titles. Enjoy!

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Flying Nun